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HSE , fire guard and hatch guard services for industries

Fire guard and other HSE services

We provide our customers with high-quality HSE services for the changing needs of industry. The demanding conditions in the industry are very well known to us, due to our years of experience in delivering services for the operators in the Kilpilahti industrial area.

We are proud of the health, safety and enviroment services we provide. Our procedures, products and services withstand a critical review from an HSE perspective. We also offer solutions for high-demanding project-type tasks, that require HSE supervision, for the Kilpilahti area.

Our staff have years of experience working in the industry sector and an understanding of there required operating methods. In addition to this, we continuously train our personnel and ensure that our staff always have the valid required permits and expertise.

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Security services

  • HSE services
  • Fire guard
  • Hatch guard / confined space attendant
  • Oil prevention
  • HSE supervision

Our customers and their projects benefits from our strong expertise in safety 

The demanding conditions and work environments of industry are common to us.

Fire guard

A person acting as a hot work guard must have a valid Nordic hot work card and the ability to use extinguishing equipment.

Hot work guards must complete additional training regarding these tasks.

The role of the fire guard is to ensure that hot work does not create a risk for industrial plant conditions. There for safety is maintained during and after the hot work process.

With years of experience, we offer fire protection services for the industrial production plants, both, for the plant operators and for the contractors. Maske has long experience in providing fire guard services in the eastern region of Uusimaa and in the Kilpilahti industrial area.

Hatch guard

Hatch guard or guards for confined spaces must have valid training. Hatch quard may also be called Entry guard.

The purpose of the hatch guard is to ensure the safety then working in enclosed spaces. Entry Guard also prevents unauthorized persons from entering the confined space. The hatch guard is able to provide first aid if necessary and to call for help in the case of an emergency. We offer hatch guard services to the Kilpilahti industrial area and the eastern region of Uusimaa.


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